The executive team is primarily composed of seven volunteers who are undergraduate students at the University of Alberta. Every year the executive team is voted on by the general membership to run the day-to-day and large scale operations of OUTreach!


Grey Macdonald

VP Events (He/Him/They/Them)

On a year Break from University, spending time Working and volunteering.

My focus this year is to improve the way Outreach caters to our Queer community,

and to ensure we have the best events and socials possible.

Bree Meiklejohn

VP Communication (she/her)

Hi! I'm a second-year Classical Studies and Creative Writing student at the U of A. I'm also a Drag performer and an icon in progress. As someone who grew up in a conservative small town in Sask, my goal for this year is to make Outreach a safer space and to continue fostering an environment of inclusivity and homeness. I'm interested in queer art and history and hope to share those passions with some of you!  

Erica Kohler

VP Finance (She/Her)

Gay Rights!

Alexander Dowsey

VP Internal (He/Him)

Yo! My name is Alexander, I'm a 2nd-year student in Classical Studies and Political Science, houseplants are my carnal weakness, I'm a geography nut, and am obsessed with ancient history! My goal is to ensure that OUTreach runs smoothly, and that we have as much fun as possible!

Domo White

VP Operations (She/Her)

My goal is to make sure each Outreach meeting is entertaining and distinct every time!

Sachit Vashisht

Co-President (They/Them)

Hi! I'm Sachit Vashisht (They/Them), and I'm one of the Co-Presidents this year! I'm in the Bachelor of Sciences program, majoring in Biological Sciences, and Minoring in Sociology! I'm a cisgender, pansexual man, and I'm also an international student:) I'm very proud to be a QPOC immigrant, and my passions lie in Queer and Indigenous Healthcare, and Anti-Sexual Violence Advocacy! I'm also a drag queen, and a volunteer at The Landing and Sexual Assault Center on Campus! I also love memes. This is important. 

Robin Hildebrand

Co-President (They/Them)

In 4th year, a palaeontology student. 

I'm excited to work with this executive team and with general members to create another fun and educational environment for the upcoming year! I'm particularly interested in LGBTQIA+ representation in the mainstream media, and art by LGBT+ creators. 

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